Extremely rare, worn tunic for a Cavalry Oberleutnant of the 5th Cavalry Regiment.

Tunic is complete with all the insigna, matching with the patina of the jacket, and they look untouched.

Tunic is a factory made, combat one, made with the field-grey base german wool, inside is lined with rayon. Marks are faded but still visible on the right chest and on the medication pocket. This tunic is an upgraded M36 tunic. The soldier was promoted and so he changed the shoulder boards and the eagle (a bulllion one). There ae 6 loops for 3 awards on the left pocket.

The shoulder boards show the EXTREMELY RARE original skulls, made fot the 5th Cavalry Regiment (not the Pz. Skull we can find on Cavalry tunics). These skulls are made in Tombak, with copper plate and gold finish, and you can only see them less than a handful of times in all you life.

Jacket shows usage, some very small moth holes and a small mend on the low back (2 cm circa) but it is in a very great condition, has a great patina and a great character.

It is a scarce german wool M36 tunic upgraded.

The tunic can be completed with this overseas cap: CAVARLY "5th REGIMENT" OVERSEAS CAP