Terms & Conditions


All goods (unless described otherwise) will be sold with a lifelong guarantee on authenticity. With this we mean that the particular item sold was made in the timeframe we present. This will in 99% of the cases be pre '45. The very few items in the dubious zone (souvenir badges from by example S&L) will not be sold with this guarantee, this will then also be stated in the description of that particular item.

We also offer you the option to return your item if you are not satisfied with it. This is two weeks after the package was delivered, please respect this termin. This guarantee will only be given on items which are send with registrated or courier mail, as we can check the delivery date.

All items are being sold only (and only) as historical important antique objects.

Payment plans

Militaria Tedesca would like to give every collector the chance to collect, therefore we offer payment plans when needed. Please discuss your proposed plan first with us at info@militariatedesca.it, we will have a look at it and confirm it or make a counter plan. Items can not be bought prior to your payment plan proposition.


Commission sales (consignment items)

Militaria Tedesca would be happy to sell any item for you. For this we would like you to send a list with your items and the prices you'd like to have for them. On these prices we charge 20% extra for items under €1000, 15% for items above €1000, this includes taxes. The items have to be mailed to our office with registated or insured mail (your own risc, we do not take responsibiliy for any lost items). You do not have to be worried about mail, payments or anything, we take care of these mathers. When an item is sold, your set price will be transfered to your account as soon as possible.

Your items may rest on our website as long as you wish. When the items

We are flexible on commission sales regarding the terms. The terms are set above but for question or exceptions please email us at info@militariatedesca.it

Payment information.

Paypal info@militariatedesca.it


Bank: Banca Mediolanum

IBAN: IT12E0306234210000001685431


Holder: Elisa Casagrande

Postepay (solo per l’Italia – ONLY FOR ITALY)

Carta postepay numero:

4023 6009 5869 7072

Intestata a Elisa Casagrande

Cod. Fiscale: CSGLSE90A61C890U