Rare Heinrich Himmer Honor Ring (or Totenkopfring der SS) in good conditions.

Runic panels are visible and only the Helszeichen round panel is partially worn. Overall conditions are of a very beautiful ring.

Inside there are some scratches, possibly made to erase the name of the owner.

Anyway we can still read what the engraving say: "S. lb. Bomeier 21.6.43 H. Himmler".

Dr. Gerd Bomeier was born on 15.12.11 in Hamburg.

His SS Nr was: 93 031

He served in various SS and Gestapo units, from the rank of SS-Hauptsturmfuhrer in IV Bataillon of the Polizei Infanterie Regiment 2 to the rank of SS-Sturmbannfuhrer in Hohere SS und Polizei Fuhrer Ost.

He died on August 13, 1944 in Tarnow.

In 1943 he was a Gestapo officer, who served in Poland. We know he was in Pawiak as Chief physician of the Gestapo with the reank of SS-Sturmbannführer and we know also his role there from the word of Dr. Anna Czuperska:

"His attitude towards the Polish state personnel and the functional prisoner-doctors was positive.

He saw humans in us and we saw a human in him. He respected our work and he generally agreed with our decisions.

He crossed severely sick nurses out from the transportation lists and many times he intervened in Gestapo which contributed to the release of the prisoners: the old lady Maria Sagatowska, Pelagia Wernerowa and others whose names I don’t remember.

He also supported the transfer of schizophrenic Sława P. and Janina Tuszko who suffered from typhoid fever, to the "freedom" hospital in March 1944. "

Having arrived at Pawiak in the beginning of 1943 for the first time, Bomeier greeted the Polish prisoners-doctors by shaking hands and addressing them "Herr Kolege – Fellow Employee". Noticing

That kind of attitude of their supervisor, the wachtmeisters also shook the doctors’ hands. During his

tenure, Bomeier issued orders profitable for both prison hospitals. They included, among other things, the forbiddance of dismissal of anyone without his knowledge and consent. He ordered the administration to complete tasks of the Polish medical personnel and he favourably referred to their postulates.

He allowed the prisoner-doctors to move within the prison premises without supervision and to stay in the hospital overnight, as long as it was necessary. […]

From the "Befehlsblatt des Chefs der Ordnungspolizei 2.Jahrgang Nr. 2 Berlin, den 13.Januar 1945, S. 27 – 28", we can read some news about the death of Bomeier

Personalmitteilungen Für Führer, Volk und Vaterland starben den Heldentod: SS-Sturmbannführer und Oberstabsarzt der Polizei Dr. Bomeier, PV Hamburg Laut Volksbund SS-Hauptsturmführer Dr. Gerd Bomeier, * 15.12.1911 Hamburg-Wilhelmsburg, Todes-/Vermisstendatum: 13.08.1944 Todes-/Vermisstenort: zw. Tarnow und Neusandez/Krakau, konnte im Rahmen unserer Umbettungsarbeiten nicht geborgen werden. Die vorgesehene Überführung zum Sammelfriedhof in Laurahütte / Siemianowice war somit leider nicht möglich. s.a. DAL WASS 1.7.1944 lfd. Nr. 1670: * 15.12.11, SS-Stubaf. d. Res. seit 13.8.1942, b. Höh.SS- u. Pol.Fhr. Ost, gestrichen, SS-FHA, SS-Nr. 93031, gef. 13.8.1944

Bomeier, Gerd, SS-Sturmbannführer und Arzt aus Hamburg-Harburg, Druckstück betreffend eine politische Traueranzeige zu seinem Gefallenentod (1944)

A very important piece of history belonged to a Gestapo physician.