Rare Heinrich Himmer Honor Ring (or "Totenkopfring der SS"), '30 style ring in worn conditions but with runic panels still visible.

This is a very important ring, belonged to a SS officer who served in Litzmanstadt ghetto and in a KL.

Inside the engraving is pretty nice and still intact. It says: "S. lb. Koschulla 30.6.34 H. Himmler".

Walther Koschulla was born on august 18, 1898, he fought in WWI and got the EK2 and wound badge in silver. In aerly '30 he joined the Party with the number 912329.

After that he joined the SS and his SS Nr was: 27105.

In middle '30 he served in the 45 SS Standarte, based in Oppeln from April, 1935, after being formed in Neisse. Its popular title remained "Neisse". At that time he had the grade of SS-Obersturmfuhrer and was the commander of the 4th bataillon.

The ring comes along with 70 files from the german archives about the owner, so there are really a lot of informations about this officer. The most important informations are anyway that he was involved in Litzmanstadt during the years 1943-1944 and in KL Waldhorst.

A very important piece of history belonged to a member of the SS.

This ring will be published in the upcoming new book of Antonio Scapini about the SS Honor Rings, a definitive, scientifical book on the subject.

COA is already done for this Ring.

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