NAMED PILOT BADGE MARKED "B&N L" (Berg & Nolte Lüdenscheid)


What is here proposed is a piece of history that deserves a real detailed study.

It is in fact a wonderful example of the famous Pilot's badge, produced in Buntmetall (not as common as the zinc version) and marked with the initials "B&N L" on the back, indicating the manufacturer: Berg & Nolte of Lüdenscheid.

The badge was introduced on March 26, 1936 and was awarded to the pilot at the end of his training, on the same day he received his flying license and commendation.

The patina on this badge is remarkable, the silvering of the garland of oak and laurel leaves is still present and the eagle is clearly defined and the color of the Buntmetall comes out under the silvering.

The catch has been re-soldered at some point.

The owner's engraving is visible on the back of the wreath: "Falkensee /b. Bln." (Falkensee near Berlin) and "B. Lonski" (Bernhard Lonski).

Lonski was a Luftwaffe officer, born on September 10, 1924 in Berlin and died on August 20, 1944 in Houdan, France. His remains are expected to be buried in the French war cemetery of Mont-de-Huisnes.

A pilot badge is always an object of great importance and an unmissable piece, this one in particular with a story to tell since we know who it belonged to.