Very important enlistment document with two photos of the owner, a soldier that, in 1939, joined the most famous SS division: the Leibstandarte Adolf Hitler.
This document is incredibly rare, it establishes the entry into the Waffen-SS and undersigns the commitment to provide service within the SS for a period of 4 and a half years. The SS-Schutze Nikolaus Jacobsen, born on October 10, 1920 in Mauenholz, joined the First SS Division, the "LAH", on October 1, 1938 and undertook to remain in service until March 31,1944. In addition to his two signatures, on the document we find the stamp of the "Leibstandarte - Adolf Hitler" and alongside the very important signature of the Obergruppenfuhrer und General der Waffen-SS Josef "Sepp" Dietrich.

In the pictures we can see Nikolaus with a girl, probably a girlfriend. Nikolaus wears the uniform on which are clearly visible the "LAH" monograms on the shoulder straps and also the "Adolf Hitler" cufftitle.

This lot has a great historical collectible value, as it shows the signature of the most famous Waffen-SS General, an one of the most decorated throughout the history of the Second World War.

Dietrich signatures are very rare.