Incredibly rare flag belonged to Werner von Blomberg, Reich Minister of War and Commander in Chief of the Wehrmacht (Reichskriegsminister und Oberbefehlshaber der Wehrmacht Flagge).

Loosely woven, dual sided, roughly 100cm square, printed wool flag. Flag features a black and white striped outer border encompassing a red base field with a white/black/white/black bordered white disc with black/white bordered black swastika to centre. Black vertical and horizontal bars emanate from the central disk with the white/black/white borders. The upper left and lower right corners feature a white/black/white bordered black Iron Cross, and the upper right and lower left corners feature a white bordered black Wehrmacht style national eagle. White cotton bunting intact to hoist edge.

It is absolutely interesting to note that on the hoist there are the stamps of the Italian "Ministry of War" (MINIST. GUERRA – that stands for "Ministero della Guerra") and, still factory machine sewn, the original label of the manufacturer "FIB Pola", or "Fabbrica Italiana Bandiere" (Italian Flag Factory) of the city of Pola.

This was a well-known WWII manufacturer who also produced flags for the fascist regime and its armed forces. The presence of the "FIB" label and the Italian Ministry of War stamp, is because in 1938 Field Marshal von Blomberg was in Italy for his honeymoon, exactly when Göring, who had been his wedding best man along with Hitler, induced him to resign due to a dossier involving his wife in prostitution. Later it was discovered that it had been a plot organized by the SS to make the Fieldmarshal von Blomberg disappear from the scene. From that moment Hitler himself became the supreme commander of the Wehrmacht and therefore this flag was also replaced with his personal one, the Führerstandart.

This is indeed a flag of incredible historical value, of which fewer than a handful survived the war and are known.

An incredibly rare piece.