Wonderful cotton Hitlerjugend armband, built in multiple parts with "Bevo" machine embroidered swastika.

Armbands are perhaps the quintessential symbol of the Third Reich period. From youth organizations, to the SS, to political groups, everyone wore the swastika band on their left arm.

This armband was used by Hitlerjugend, the youth association of the NSDAP, the ''National Sozialistische Deutsche Arbeit Partei''. It is made of two pieces of red cotton bordering the central white band, it measures about 40cm by 10, the white cotton square is sewn centrally with white cotton thread and the black swastika is embroidered in "Bevo" style.

The armband is in great condition and it still has the manufacturer's RZM paper label.

An amazing Hitlerjugend armband with a nice patina like this, is increasingly difficult to find.