Great early SS Officier black visor cap. The cap was intended to be wear from SS-VT o Allgemeine SS Officers.

It is a early visor cap, in extremely nice condition. No tears, no moth holes. Construction is textbook.

The sweatband is still soft, the lining is fully present and so the celluloid diamond. Underneath the sweatband is a large oil cloth RZM tag which is stamped with the number "143" indicating the maker August Mueller.The sweatband is marked with balck ink stamps with the year 1938 and with the SS runes.

The underside of the visor is finished in the expected orange/brown hue, and you can clearly see the "RZM SS" ink stamp, even though it is faded. Skull is a second pattern, the eagle is an early first type. A combo seen several times in original period pictures.

Overall conditions are excellent, the cap is a top piece only seldom offered for sale on market.

Price 12500 via paypal or 11500 via bank transfer