Here for sale a very scarce Balloon Pilots DLV Badge - Silver flat metal embroidery on dark gray wool backing, measures approximately 63mm (width) x 70mm (height), of excellent quality manufacture, in great condition.

The DLV Badge for Free Balloon Pilots was originally introduced in 1929 by the Deutscher Luftsport-Verband. The German Air Sports Association (Deutscher Luftsportverband, or DLV e. V.) was an organisation set up by the Nazi Party in March 1933 to establish a uniform basis for the training of military pilots. Its chairman was Hermann Goering, the future Chief of the Luftwaffe.

On November 25th, 1931, it was determined that the Badge for Free Balloon Pilots, which had previously been composed of cloth, would be manufactured out of metal.

Type I was issued in three grades, bronze, silver and gold.
The Gold Badge was awarded for piloting 50 balloon flights, flying over 10,000 kilometres in a balloon, participating in two post-war competitions and winning first place in at least one.

The Silver Badge was introduced for piloting 30 balloon flights, participating in three post-war competitions, and winning at least two prizes in these competitions.
The Bronze was awarded for participating in 30 balloon flights.

In 1933, the DLV Free Balloon Pilots Badge was remodelled. The new badge (Type II) was made of cloth and featured a swastika. The three grades were eliminated and instead, a single Silver Badge was awarded. The Badge was incorporated into the NSFK in 1937 and was awarded until 1938.

This is a very scarce badge, produced for only 5 years in the pre-war period, seldom offered for sale.