Early, (circa 1936-1937), roughly, 30.5cm long, bright, nickel/silver plated, drop forged steel, double edged, stiletto style blade with a flat central plane.

The blade shows light surface spotting through-out. The reverse ricasso is well marked with acid etched manufacturers logo, name and location. The logo consists of a vertically oval cartouche with the manufacturers name and location, "Rich. Abr. Herder Solingen", encompassing a squared design. The original pebbled, blue leather washer is still almost completely present and most part of it still intact.

The dagger has a cast, polished natural aluminum crossguard and pommel with gilt washed sunwheel swastikas. The crossguard is in the form of extended, horizontal, down swept, stylized wings with a raised, central, circular panel with a gilt washed sunwheel swastika to each side of the circular panel. The formed wooden grip is wrapped in blue Moroccan leather with dual, twisted, natural aluminum wire wrap.

The circular pommel also has a gilt washed sunwheel swastika to each side. The dagger comes complete with its original, blue Moroccan leather wrapped, magnetic sheet metal scabbard with three polished natural aluminum fittings. All three of the polished natural aluminum fittings are in good condition and all three are secured to the scabbard with countersunk, flathead screws. The top and center fittings each have a hanger ring and an integral natural aluminum hanger with seven circular links to the top hanger and nine circular links to the bottom hanger. Both the top and bottom chain link hangers are attached to a natural aluminum friction clip. The reverse of the friction clip is well marked with impressed script, "Ges. Gesch.", indicating, Gesetzlich Geschützt, (Protected by Law), and a stylized, "oLc".

The dagger comes with a woven silver/aluminum Portepee.

A great and complete first pattern Luftwaffe dagger.