This is a very nice early Type C SS chain dagger, that still is in good condition.

It shows a nice grip; the wood remains in excellent condition, appearing void of any repairs or major issues, with a textbook contour and profile to it’s shape. A beautiful nickel silver eagle has been inlaid straight, uniform, and flush to the wood in the center of the obverse. At the top of the handle, the same is true of the SS runes. It remains with fantastic silvering to the borders and lighting bolt symbols, additionally with all of the black enamel in the runes background.

With a manufacturing vintage of most likely 1937, the early plated crossguards have held up fairly decent over time. There is some light flaking at the crossguard / wood grip plane, but not all that detracting. A nice looking grip and hilt assembly on this M36.

The scabbard shell to this dagger has been repainted at some point, considering the quality, possibly done during the period. It happened frequently for the anodized scabbards that often lost their finish too quickly. All 3 scabbard fittings are in good shape, and secured tight and properly to the shell. The chain assembly constructed out of heavy die struck links with corresponding connectors, is a beauty. All have excellent detail save for one skull link in the upper span, which has some surface wear to it. The second link in the upper span is shown in one of the photos stamped with the SS runes culture proof mark . The Wotan’s knot is securely in place, with a clip that functions fine. As most of the time observed on these Type C’s, the patent pending DRGM initial are stamped in the top loop of the cloverleaf design. A D ring belt hanger is included in this assembly and is shown through the clip.

The blade remains full length, void of any sharpening or tipping. It looks it was polished at some point. Doing so has imparted a more reflective finish than would be typically seen with these blades. The etched motto "Meine Ehre heißt Treue" shows all its textbook characteristics.

An early Type C SS Chained Dagger is a scarce dagger, and remains one of the most important SS symbols.