Very nice and untouched SA Dagger produced by the famous maker WKC.

The blade of this SA dagger is mirror bright with only a tiny grey spot on the reverse and some scratches near the dark motto. All of the original cross grain of the etched letters has been preserved!

The reverse side is also darkly etched with the maker mark "RZM M7/42" which stands for WKC. WKC is not a common maker when it comes to SA daggers.

The grip is in fine condition, made of beautiful grained reddish wood, it only shows some wear on the left of the SA button.

The guards have preserved almost all of their original plating.

The grip eagle is the mid period copper version, it shows few wear and its tipical orange/brown color. The SA button is in perfect condition.

The scabbard of this dagger is still an anodized version. It has preserved all of its brown anodizing, but also shows spots. The shiny scabbard fittings show some wear but they are really bright.

A very nice, and from an uncommon maker, SA Dagger.