Very interesting lot coming from the family of the soldier, complete of awards, documents and pictures.

This group belonged to a Jäger named Herbert Kofler, born in 1912 and died on eastern front in 1942.

Herbert was in the II.Btl. (6.-10. Kompanie) of the Gebirgs Jäger Regiment 136, part of the 2 Gebirgs Division.

The Mountain Infantry Regiment 136 was set up on August 1, 1938 in Military District XVIII. The regiment emerged from the Tyrolean Jaeger Regiment of the Austrian Army. The staff and the 1st battalion were stationed in Innsbruck, in the XVIII military district. The III. regiment's battalion was stationed in Landeck, also in Military District XVIII.

After the formation of the 2nd Mountain Division, the regiment was subordinated to the Division.

The regiment was deployed in Poland. At the end of 1939 the regiment was on the Lower Rhine.

In 1940 the regiment was transferred to Norway with the division. Between 1941 and 1944 the regiment was deployed in Lapland.

The group consists of 13 pictures, 2 award documents (one for the Iron Cross Second Class signed by Valenting Feurstein - RK holder - and one for the Black Wound Badge), one Iron Cross IInd Class, one Wound badge in Black and one Edelweiss for cap. In one picture is well visible a soldier of the SS-Totenkopf regiment 1.

Some pictures have a writing on the back side.

This group is a fantastic memory of a fallen soldier, a great piece of history.