The 1940 pattern, mid-tan, ribbed cotton twill construction tunic features a vertical, five button front closure and a lay down collar. The tunic has four pleated, front, patch pockets with scalloped button down flaps. Breast BeVo eagle is originally machine sewn to the tunic.

The tunic has a single stitched eyelet positioned to each side at the waistline designed for the belt support hooks. The straight cut, non-adjustable sleeves have simulated French cuffs. The armpits each have nine, stitched, ventilation eyelets.

Nice and scarce slip on shoulder straps for EM. The collar has no collar tabs as per regulations.

The interior upper back and breast panels are partially lined in light weight, off-white cotton. The interior of the tunic also has a vertical, tan cotton, strap with dual stitched eyelets to each side panel, designed for the belt support hooks.

The interior left breast panel is marked with black ink stamps partially visible.

The buttons are all the tropical/tan painted alloy type and feature an embossed, fouled anchor on a subtly pebbled background field with raised, subtly pebbled outer rims. The front closure and pocket buttons are the removable type secured by steel "S", rings.

Tunic shows usage and some stains, it has a great patina.

An untouched piece of history.