Rare M36 Polizei service tunic, without piping, used by Schutzmannschaft (auxiliary police), usually auxiliary of the SD (Sicherheitsdienst).

Created in November 1941, they were police units under the command of the Higher S.S. and Police Leader of the region which they operated. References are sometimes encountered to a "Schutzmannschaft der Sicherheitspolizei", but this may only have indicated that these were Schutzmannschaft der Ordnungspolizei on a temporary secondment to the Sicherheitspolizei, but not a separate body of security troops.

Type of tunic is a Polizei green wool tunic with french cuffs and collar in dark brown wool. On the collar there are two black collar tabs with a single litzen each, machine sewn, indicating the ranks of Unterkorporal, shoulder straps are the removable type, with white swaz embroidered in cotton thread nd greep wool piping; on the left sleeve there is a machine sewn Schuma round BeVo patch.

Tunic is fully lined in brown rayon. It shows usage and overall patina is wonderful.

A great and scarce tunic.