Gabardine privately made officer's jacket, belonged to an officer of the famous elite division of the Wehrmacht: the "Grossdeutschland"

The jacket has all the period-fitted and perfectly compatible attributes such as quality, patina and materials, to the period of use of the jacket.

The officer's shoulder boards are trimmed in Doeskin and bear the gold "GD" monograms, in Doeskin is also the bullion hand-embroidered armband and hand-stitched onto the jacket.

The jacket is fully lined in rayon and, in the inside pocket, there still is the tailor's label with the date (March 1943) and the name of the owner, who was Oberleutnant Heinrich Düvel of the Panzeraufklarungs-Abteilung "Grossdeutschland".

The general condition is excellent, there is only some signs of wear.

A very rare, named uniform of a numerically rather small and very important unit, the elite of one of the most famous divisions of the Wehrmacht.

Together with the jacket is also given the book dedicated to this special unit in which you can read the history of the Panzeraufklarungs-Abteilung "GD" and also some information relating to the officer who owned the jacket.

An incredible piece of history.