Very nice group of early SS-VT items.

The goup consist of a tunic, M32, in german trikot, complete with all the insigna, collar tabs and armband are hand sewn to the tunic. The Shoulder board is the proper one for the officer rank of SS-Obersturmführer.

The tunic is fully lined with black rayon; it shows some minor tears, due to usage; this tunic was worn during the Third Reich era. Sleeves were shortened.

Along with the tunic come the trousers, a very beautiful pair, made in german wool, in very good conditions. They are complete, the lining is marked with the date 1933, so they are early as the tunic; very interesting to note that initially the pants were made for Reichswehr, then used for Schupo, the blak ink stamp of Schupo of Frankfurt am Main is in fact well visible.

Boots are for a WH Officer, but they come in the group so they are sold as they were found. Nice pair, in very good conditions (anyway we know SS used very often WH boots).

The brown shirt is also in very good conditions, I would say in near mint condition. It still retains the original RZM NSDAP quality control paper tag.

The tie was added to the group from the previous owner of the group; it is an original one and the ID card copy of the SS soldier who owned the tie come along with the tie itself (so it is also known the name of the owner).

Very nice lot, you can have a full early SS-VT manequin complete in one time!

A scarce group to see around.

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