Waffen-SS Tropical Sahariana Field Blouse (SS Tropen Feldbluse) with machine woven Reichsfurer-SS cufftitle.

Because of the service in tropical regions in the Balkans, Greece and southern Russia the SS developed in circa 1942/43 assorted tropical uniforms and headgear that basically followed the same patterns of the continental items. Included with the tropical garments was the "Sahariana" style field blouse which was based on the popular Italian "Sahariana" bush jacket.

The tunic shows a vertical, four button front closure, complete with all buttons. The field blouse’s shoulder strap fabric retaining tunnel loops are present. The interior of the field blouse has a field dressing pocket with a single button closure to both the left and right side. The interior right breast panel is marked with black size inkstamps. The field blouse is showing some traces of usage.

Tunic is complete of its original yellow arm eagle (that is machine sewn the the sleeve) and has a nice matching pair of shoulder straps with white rayon piping for infantry troops.

On the left sleeve there's the Reichsfhurer-SS cufftitle mahine sewn. Some points of the cufftitle are unsewn, one of them was hand repaired. Cufftitle shows usage and a matching patina with the rest of the jacket.

This jacket was found in Italy along with the Waffen-SS tropical field cap you see in the pictures. The patina of cap and jacket is perfectly matching. Both are never seen on market since they were in a collection since today. Cap is available on request.

Tunic is a very nice combat one, and with the cap is a great set you can only rarely see.