This is an absolutely textbook example of the SS Handschar Collar Tab. These were intended for wear by men of the 13. Waffen-Gebirgs-Division der SS "Handschar", which was the first non-Germanic SS foreign volunteer division. These men were not authorized wear of the SS runic emblem, and they wore this distinctive collar insignia instead.

This is an unissued, late war piece, in the typical "Dachau" construction as found in the SS storehouse at the Dachau camp when it was liberated by US Army forces in 1945.

The design of this collar tab features a sword and hand, the divisional emblem of the Handschar, as well as a Nazi swastika. These are embroidered in silver-gray wool on a base of typical SS black wool. On the reverse, the textbook Dachau type coarsely woven tan buckram stiffener is visible. There is some glue on the back, as well as the white stitching common to these Dachau tabs. This unissued SS Handschar Collar Tab is in great condition overall.

A very fine representative piece of foreign volunteer insignia.