Wonderful cut-off of the very, very rare "ELBE" cufftitle.

The lettering shows fine hand embroidery and is made in bullion on woven black wool fabric with 7 silver stripes on the edges.

Back of the lettering is covered by black rayon cover.

The cuff title Elbe was worn by members of the SS - Oberabschnitt Elbe as well as by members of the Totenkopfverbände deployed in concentration camp.

The II. SS-Wachsturmbann (Battalion) "Elbe" was formed in March of 1935 and its personnel staffed the Bad Sulza concentration camp and later Buchenwald concentration camp.

Members of the II. Battalion of the SS-Wachverbände were issued cuff titles embroidered with "ELBE" in gothic script. In July 1937, Battalion "Elbe" and Battalion "Sachsen" were merged to form the 3. SS-Totenkopfstandarte "Thüringen".

Very rare cut-off of original example in excellent condition.

Length: 8,5 cm