Very, very rare SS Sturmfahne II/16.

Sturmfahne II/16 was the standarte of SS-Standarte 16 that was stationed in Breslau.

This rare flag measures approx 120 x 140 cm and features the SS unit's designation on a separately sewn rectangular black field in the upper left-hand corner. The chain-stitched roman numeral designates the battalion while the arabic number the regiment. This rectangular field is bordered with aluminum twistcord piping.

Sturmbannfahne standartes were first displayed in 1933 and were employed until September 1940. The flag displays a multi-piece constructed canted swastika on a central white disc. The flag is bordered on three sides with second pattern fringe that features alternating silver and black threads. The hoist side shows six attachment rings, the last one is missing. The flag shows usage, some stains and moth holes (please see pictures) that doesn't affect the historical importance and the overall condition if displayed well. The patina is simply great, as you would expect to see in a used 80+ years flag.

The SS flags like this were generally carried by a senior NCO who wore the SS gorget and white gloves. It was an honor to be selected to be the SS standarte bearer.

All the SS Flags were touched by Hitler himself and by the "Blutfahne", the "Blood Flag", the most sacre flag of the Third Reich.

An impressive and absolutely rare piece of history, perfect for a museum.

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