Issue, field-grey, wool/rayon blend, construction, M43 style field blouse features a vertical, five button front closure with small fold back lapels and a lay down collar.

The field blouse also has a single, metal, hook and eye positioned at the forward neckline. The field blouse has four, non-pleated, front pockets with straight edged, button down flaps. The breast pockets are the basic patch type while the hip pockets are the saddlebag type with expanding side panels.

The field blouse has four sets of two, vertically aligned, stitched eyelets with one set situated at either side of the front closure and two to either side of the back panel, at the waistline.

The upper left sleeve has a not common machine embroidered SS sleeve eagle. The eagle is machine stitched to the sleeve in the typical (but not often encountered) "T shaped" fashion.

The field blouse has black wool construction, slip on shoulder straps with white rayon waffenfarbe piping.

The shoulder straps fabric retaining loops and buttons are intact. The reverse of the lay down, field-grey, collar is in reed green rayon with a HBT, weave and has the typical zig-zag reinforcement stitching.

The collar has black wool construction collar tabs for the rank of SS-Schütze.

The collar tabs are machine sewn to the collar.

The interior of the field blouse is lined with 4 different cotton/rayon clothes. The lining also has four, short, vertical straps with four stitched eyelets to each, positioned to the reverse of the exterior belt support hook eyelets. The right breast panel lining is well marked with black size inkstamps and "SS-BW", within a rectangular border, indicating, SS-Bekleidungswerke", (SS-Clothing Works).

The field blouse shows areas of light to moderate nap and age and usage toning and has a wonderful patina.

To find nowdays a such rare tunic is really something difficult. M43 for EM are very, very rare to find, especially if they are made in german wool.

This is a top piece for every collection.

Payment Via bank transfer only (or paypal as family/friend).