Very rare set of the Erbhof sign with documents.

These plaques, made of cast iron, were mounted to farm gates showing that the farm was of Aryan heritage and conformed to the Erbhof hereditary law.

This sign is made made in black painted iron and with the name "Erbhof" in gothic letters under the rune Odal. It has much of its original painted finish remaining and of the precise form shown in original period documentation. It has three tapped mounting holes to the reverse, no holes through the runes. No restoration or iron fractures.

It is a very rare and scarce item to come across, since these plaques were mostly destroyed or are found in relic condition.

This one is in excellent condition, it was used since it was found still attached on a wall in a german farm (see pictures), but preserved very well. These plaques were hung outside of these farms or buildings.

Plaque comes along its original document and the book "Das Reich Erbhof-Gesetz".

An excellent set of the Reichsnährstand "Erbhof – Erkennungszeichen" – Odal rune (Hereditary Farm) plaque with its document is something very rare to find on market.