The SA/SS Gorget is an extremely desirable piece of early Third Reich period.

It was introduced prior to the Reichsparteitag rallies of August 1929 and was worn by all standard bearers of the SA and SS at that time, both those who carried the "Deutschland Erwache" standards and those who carried unit flags. It was worn with the brown shirt as well as with the four pocket uniform.

The SA/SS gorget is a heart shaped plate, about 12 cm across and 13 cm high, made of nickel plated metal, with a separate "sun burst" plate and national eagle with mobile swastika emblem. Each upper corner features a gilt metal button.

The front of this gorget plate retains nearly all of the original finish, with a few spots. The separate eagle emblem shows some wear and its original silver-colored finish is only partially present, revealing the typical tombak-colored base metal.

The rear of the SA/SS gorget features two metal hooks that were used to secure it to the uniform when worn. The original dark blue backing fabric has some minor damages and stains, but it is still intact, and affixed to this is a large metal button with the "RZM" logo of the Reichszeugmeisterei, the authority that oversaw the quality of items manufactured for use by Nazi organizations.

This gorget is complete with its original chain, made of closely formed wire links, nickel plated.

Overall, an attractive example used by the standard bearers of the SA and SS, even in the time of the "Kampfzeit".

Great piece of history.