Scarce and very nice tea plate in precious Bavarian porcelain, decorated at the top with the inscription "KANZLEI DES FUHRERS" (Fuhrer Chancellery). On the back is the brand of the manufacturer "Johann Seltman" from Vohenstrauss in Bavaria.

The history of these dishes is fascinating and, in some ways, still mysterious. It should be remembered that there were three Chancelleries at Hitler's service: the "Reichskanzlei", the most important one, entrusted to the care of Dr. Hans Heinrich Lammers, where all decisions of national interest were taken, the "Praesidialkanzlei", absolute domain of Otto Meissner, which dealt with the official public life of the Führer, and finally the "Kanzlei des Führers" (the Chief Chancellery of the NSDAP) which dealt with all matters pertaining the party and was entrusted to the Reicshleiter Philip Bouhler. Within there was also the Private Chancellery of Adolf Hitler who took care of his private affairs.

Each of these Chancelleries had their own supplies of accessories of all kinds, marked in a completely different way.

The tea plate belongs to the supplies for the Fuhrer Chancellery, that of the party leader and therefore the most simple of the three.

Some specimens like this one presented here have also been found in the Berlin bunker.

A scarce piece.