Outstanding group belonged to a Luftwaffe Unteroffizier named Heinz Gruber.

The medal and document group of Heinz Gruber consists of the following:

- his documents for the iron Cross 2nd class 1939, awarded on October 22, 1941,

- Iron Cross 1st Class 1939, awarded on July 12, 1942,

- the German Cross in Gold, awarded on July 10, 1944, including the submittal slip.

The group also contains:

- the actual German Cross in Gold, worn but in very good condition and by Zimmermann in cupal,

- Iron Cross 2nd Class

- Iron Cross 1st Class without maker

Heinz Gruber conducted 455 flights including 190 combat missions in Heinkel-He 111 and Heinkel-He 177 bomber planes. 177 missions were on the eastern front and his claim to fame was his 20th mission on November 11, 1941. Flying generally in formations of 40 planes, his plane was suddenly alone over Moscow. They flew straight to the center of town as their radio operator fell asleep and missed the order to return to base.

Heinz Gruber was also awarded with the Ehrenpokal on January 4, 1943 and whe he received the German Cross in Gold he was serving with the Kampfgeschwader X. He received the German Cross on July 10, 1944 and his name was published in the Luftwaffen-Verordnungsblatt on January 1st, 1945.

After the war he wrote a book with the title: "So, We Bombed Moscow Alone", the exciting personal story of one man's experiences in the German Luftwaffe.

Heinz Gruber transferred to US after the war, where he lived till the age of 96. He passed away in Rancho Palos Verdes, California, on June 18, 2016. He is survived by his wife, Janice; and his daughter, Suzie.

An outstanding group with an incredible story.

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