This Army Lion Head Sword is of gilded aluminum construction and is the same as the example that is shown in the Angolia Sword book on page 120.

The Lion Head is a real beauty, with a long extended style snout. This cat appears to be roaring in anger and reflects much hand enhancing with is noticeable throughout his lower jaw, whiskers, brow, and also to the areas of his mane which flow slightly downward through he backstrap. The backstrap itself is also wonderfully executed with raised oak leaf and floral motif having obvious hand engravings and lots of nice random pebbling in the backgrounds. The "P" guard also has received nice treatment to the raised oak leaves and acorns and also features pebbling in the backgrounds. The ferrule has a standard motif of oak leaves running around its circumference.

Both sides of the crossguard have overlapping oak leaves which go into a langet on the reverse which is slightly oval shaped leaving room for a monogram and the obverse reflects a Wehrmacht eagle looking to the viewer’s left. This bird has fine enhancing to his beak, eye, breast feathering, wing feathering and talons. The mobile swastika is left plain for contrast and again, there is pebbling around the areas of the bird’s head and also the swastika. The gilt on this sword is still at about 98% and it really looks great. The Puma gilt as well as the gilt that you see on Clemen and Jung all have a special tone to its color. The panther head also is fitted with blood red eyes. The grip is a carved wood base which is covered with black celluloid still in good condition. The grip is wrapped with triple aluminum wire, the center being twisted.

This blade has high quality nickel-plated surfaces and remains in mint condition. The reverse ricasso is stamped with the Puma logo having a Puma head and the firm’s name next to, "Puma". The location city of "Solingen" is stamped beneath the firm's name. The original brown leather washer is in place.

This is a very fine looking army sword here and still in excellent condition. The scabbard is straight throughout showing some usage to the paint. The paint rates at about 95%. Overall though a very fine edged weapon.

Interesting bonus is the presence of its original cloth pouch. Made in brown cotton, it was intended to store the sword and preserve it. Not common to find it, and a great addiction to a almost perfect sword like this.