Amazing combat M35 tunic belonged to an Officer of the SS-Totenkopf Infanterie-Regiment 1, the first regiment of the famous "Totenkopf" Division.

The tunic is a factory made for EM/NCO upgraded for officer. The collar was replaced with a 36 style dark green one, and marks are still well visible on the lining. The tunic went from the Kassel depot (K35).

Insigna look all wartime applied, collar tabs, Bevo eagle and shoulder boards are machine sewn to the jacket, and there are no traces of other insigna. The skull tab is the so called vertical skull, both the tabs are piped with an alu tresse. The arm eagle is the so called "hammer head" type.

On the shoulder boards there's the golden cypher with the number "1", indicating the number of the regiment ( SS-Totenkopf Infanterie-Regiment 1).

This is a sceaming tunic, with an amazing patina. There are some small moth holes but overall condition is very good.

This is an EXTREMELY rare piece to find untouched.