This one is an extremely nice and historical letter, since it was sent from Hans Frank, who was Governor-General of the occupied Polish territories, overseeing the General Government, the area of Poland not directly incorporated into Germany.

The letter has the printed header of the Governor-General (Der Generalgoverneur), and the place of Krakau, where, in Wawel Castle, Hans Frank set up his personal residence.

All the letter is handwritten by Frank and sent on January 31, 1944, to his mistress, Lilli Groh. It is very long, Frank wrote 4 pages about some events happened and some personal attitudes, and ended his writing with the words "I love you – Your Hans".

This letter is an invaluable piece of history, written by one of the most evil Third Reich leaders; Frank was infact found guilty of war crimes and crimes against humanity at the Nuremberg trials, he was sentenced to death and was executed by hanging in October 1946.

Letter comes along with the german translation of the text.