This model 1935 Army Officer's Dagger is in great condition. The total length is circa 40.0 cm. The Dagger has the maker mark on the blade: the famous "WKC" Solingen. Dagger with Hangers and Portepee.

The grip is a orange color and remains in perfect condition. The pommel shows minor traces of carrying time on the upper end, but still has its original color.

The 12 standing oak leaves are in excellent condition, all having hand enhancement. The crossguard eagl retains full, crisp detailing throughout.

The blade is also in wonderful condition. It is bright and the trademark is etched on the base of the blase. Maker is the well known "WKC" from the city of Solingen. The original small leather blade washer is in place.

The scabbard is straight, it retains its crisp pebbled panel design. The bands are very fine with each overlapping oak leaf reflecting hand-enhancing. The thick-style throat is retained by a single screw in the reverse center.

Attached to the two carrying rings is a set of hanging straps. These brocade straps feature textured aluminum in good condition, sowing some age. The reverse of the straps has the high pile dark green velvet that shows little wear. The hardware includes the box clip at the top marked D.R.G.M. The oval buckles and slides feature over oak leaves and they have most of the original silvering intact. The push-up style deluxe snaps are also marked D.R.G.M., and are decorated with oak leaf sprigs on the obverse.

A wonderful Heer Officer's dagger!

Include certificate of authenticity (15 €)