This Officer's Degen has beautiful nickel plated hilt mounts which show little age.

The pommel has a fine plated surface and crisp serrated edges. It is engraved with the (unknown) owner letters JB.

The "D" guard is perfectly formed, passing throughout the crossguard and ending in a teardrop quillon with a drilled decorative divot on both sides. The ferrule is a beauty, with six standing oak leaves that all are nicely hand enhanced.

The ebony grip is still, with most of the original finish remaining. The grip is tightly wrapped with nickel wire and has a matching cover plate on the reverse. The SS runes button is in a nice state, with 100% of the original background darkening. The runes themselves are nicely raised and have a fine border.

The scabbard is straight throughout. This scabbard has good original black paint. It does have wear along the lower areas but overall the paint on this example is about 95% intact and does not look to have ever been cleaned or polished. The lower scabbard mount is decorated with the standard line pattern. It is pressed into place and has no screws. The upper mount is in the Wotan's Knot pattern. This knot retains about 80% of the original background darkening. The upper mount is retained by a pair of dome head steel screws, one in each of the lower loops.

The mint blade measures 29 inches in length. This blade shows little wear and some rust stains. The original white leather blade buffer is in place and in excellent condition.

A very benice SS Officer's Degen.