This Police Officer's Degen is in outstanding condition, looking to have been worn only a few times at best. The nickel plating throughout the "D" guard is still bright and in perfect condition.

The pommel has knurled edges with no signs they were ever subjected to a tool. The upper portion of the pommel retains a bright finish.

The "D" guard passes through the crossguard and ends in a teardrop, complete with a drilled divot on either sides. The ferrule is a beauty, with six standing oak leaves that all show evidence of fine hand enhancement.

The ebony grip is on the of the best you will see, in completely perfect condition. It is tightly wrapped with matching nickel wire. In the obverse center is a recessed copper Police eagle insignia, which retains full detailing throughout.

Adding to the hilt is a new-like portepee. It is the larger, thicker type, with perfect leather strapping accented with three sets of aluminum bullion stitchings. The center has a red stripe . The slide is leather with red and silver highlights, the stem is flat and the lower ball is bullion with a red, black, and white stuffing.

The scabbard shell is straight throughout. It has wonderful original black paint, showing only some wear from the original hanger slightly below the carrying ring. This paint is nearly 100% intact. The scabbard is fitted with a matching nickel-plated drag that is retained by a pair of headless side screws. The upper mount is the "Wotan's Knot" type, with good pebbling on the inner areas. The original black finish is there, showing only slight wear. This mount is retained by two dome head screws, one in each of the lower loops of the knot.

The blade is a near mint example, being most beautiful throughout the whole length. This blade is stamped with the oval trademark of the Paul Weyersberg & Co. firm. The original brown leather washer is in place.

Police swords made by Paul Weyersberg & Co. were SS proofed (see mark on the scabbard).

If you are looking for an outstanding example this piece would be very, very difficult to upgrade.