A Model 1933 Hitlerjugend Fahrtenmesser by RZM M7/72 1939 ‐ Anton Karl Rob. Kaldenbach of Solingen-Grafrath. The ricassoed blade on this one looks good! The “RZM M7/72” maker mark and stamped is beautifully executed.

The blade has age grey/spotting and the common surface scratches throughout. The black leather buffer pad continues to remain intact. The steel based black enamel painted scabbard remains completely dent free and retains approximately 70%+ of its paint coverage. The folded and riveted brown leather strap is in wonderful condition. It retains all of its rivets and the snap continues to work well! The zinc based nickel-silver plated hilt retains 80%+ of its plated finish. The black checkered bakelite grip plates are in perfect shape and are tightly secured with two nickel-silver rivets. The HJ diamond retains 99%+ of its enamel!

A very nice piece.