This SS Sport Shirt Emblem is a great example of a very desirable patch. This pattern of insignia was worn on sports clothing by men of all SS branches. It’s Bevo, machine woven construction. The front features a large and impressive SS runic organizational emblem, in black thread on a white disk, surrounded by an outline of two concentric circles.

The reverse of this SS Sport Shirt Emblem has the edges of the thin white backing fabric neatly folded and machine stitched in place. It still retains its original paper tag, with the round RZM logo of the Reichszeugmeisterei, the SS organizational logo, and the manufacturer code "M4/374". The tag remains crisp and undamaged.

Overall, this sought-after patch is in excellent condition, with no stains, holes or other damage, and only extremely slight age toning to the white fabric. It is a great object for display.