Issued, field-grey wool blend construction, wonderfully shaped visor cap features a wide, black wool centerband and white wool piping to the top of the crown edge and both the top and bottom edges of the centerband.

Cap has a very a nice shape with slightly overlapping side panels.

The front center of the cap has a metal SS eagle and Totenkopf.

The cap has a aluminium officer chinstrap secured to the cap by two, small, silvered metal buttons.

The cap has a extended, forward, black lacquered, vulcanfibre visor with a subtly raised lip near the forward edge and an grey bottom with a repeating cross-hatched patter.

The interior of the cap is fully lined with a brown coloured cotton lining. Celluloid sweat diamond is not anymore in place, it is missing.

Still visibel is the black ink size stamp 58. Cap shows light wear and a nice patina.

A rare Waffen-SS Visor Cap, a scarce piece of history, perfect for display or to complete a mannequin.

Payment via bank or paypal as family/friend only.