This offered for sale here is indeed an extremely rare cap.

It’s the cap designated as "Dienstmütze für Jagereinheiten" for the Südmark District because of the pink top and the Edelweiss flower on the diamond tab of the same color.

This is the EM/NCO's mountain cap of the exact specifications for the SA-Wehrmannschaft (Storm Troopers Military Training Defense Group) for the Stryian region (Südmark) that was issued to SA home guard troops in the Innsbruck area.

The cap features pink front and upper side boiled wool with a matching pink tab on the let flap to which is hand sewn an edelweiss. The rest of the cap is made in brown wool (SA color), so 2 different types of fabric were used to make it. Inside is fully lined with 2 different colored rayon fabrics, and it's markied with black ink stamp with the size 58.

This type of SA mountain cap (similar in appearance to the German Army "Gebirgsjäger Einheitsmütze") was used specifically by mountain SA groups such as "Hochland", "Südmark" and caps like this, with the same colors and construction were worn by the "Steierischer Heimatbund" (Styrian Homeland League – See this link to further informatios: CLICK!), which was an active unit of the SA Wehrmannschaft formed in Gau Steiermark in 1941 to protect German personnel and property in this region (Styria) which bordered Yugoslavia.

This cap is an extremely rare piece, you only can find less than a handful of times in your life a Bergmutze style SA cap like this; the very few around are mostly like the M43 style.

The condition is excellent; no mothing, no rips, no tears (only the sweatband shows a couple, see pictures).

An amazing piece.