NSDAP ARMBAND (small version)


This Narrow NSDAP Armband is a textbook example of this interesting original armband style.

It is printed, as all of these were, and features a black swastika within a white disk, on a red field. The ink used to print this soaked through the fabric like a dye, and the design is visible on the reverse- a typical trait of wartime fabric printing.

The original colors remain nice and bright, and the fabric is a thin, typical woven cotton material. The top and bottom of the armband are simply folded over and finished with red machine stitching. The ends of this narrow NSDAP armband are not sewn together in the back, and show the typical cut ends.

There is no staining, no holes or other condition issues.

This piece displays very well and is in a very strong excellent condition.

Measurements: 5,3 cm x 35 cm

Include certificate of authenticity (15 €)