3.200,00 €

This is a desirable example of a 50 Engagement General Assault Badge that is an extremely scarce award, in excellent condition.

It is textbook in every way, with multi-piece construction, made of a zinc alloy. Most of the silver wash on the wreath has faded with time, as is typical. The eagle and swastika emblem with crossed bayonet and grenade retain nearly all of the original darkening, with an impressive, bold look. The plate for 50 engagements is intact, with no issues.

The reverse of this 50 Engagement General Assault Badge features the Gablonz style hardware that one expects to see with this maker. It’s marked on the back of the wreath with the stylized “JFS” maker mark of the firm of Josef Feix & Söhne, in Gablonz. The banjo pin, sheet metal catch and hinge retain original silver finish and are functional. The hinge and catch are held in place with the original crimps, with no repairs; the classic JFS aluminum rivets are nice and tight and are untouched.

This rare badge has a great look.