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A very attractive and scarce to find early Infantry side cap.

October 1935 pattern field-grey wool/rayon blend construction cap with fold down side and back panels with gently sloping, downward scallops to the front and forward sides. As is typical, the fold down panels are handstitched in the upright position at the front center of the cap. The cap has an olive drab painted, alloy, ventilation grommet positioned to either side, just below the crown edge. The grommets retain all of their olive drab paint.

The front center of the cap has a BeVo machine woven national eagle with out-stretched wings, clutching a wreathed, canted swastika in it’s talons, in pale, white rayon threads on mouse/grey rayon base. The front center of the fold down panels has a machine woven national tri-color cockade, in black, white and red rayon threads, on a mouse/grey rayon, diamond shaped, base. Both the eagle and the cockade are neatly handstitched to the cap.

The cap has a white rayon, inverted "V", soutache flanking the cockade indicating service with the Infantry. The soutache has been applied in the correct manner, being machine stitched in place and inserted through two, small, puncture holes near the bottom edge of the cap.

The interior of the cap is fully lined in ribbed, grey cotton/rayon blend material. The lining is correctly hand sewn to the cap edges, it is also marked (but markings are only partially visibile). Size approx 57-58.

A very attractive and scarce cap to find, with a wonderful patina.

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