Fine german wool combat uniform for an officer fighting in Gebirgsjäger (mountain troops) units, with the rank of Leutnant.

It is a private tailoring tunic, in good condition, the general patina is wonderful, with signs of use and some small moth hole, and is complete in all its parts.

Tunic is fully lined with the typical grey rayon. The maker laber is still sewn under the internal pocket; inside this pocket there's another maker label with the name and the rank of the owner: "Leutnant Model – 19/9/1942".

Bullion breast eagle is hand applied to the tunic with the proper period cotton thread, as it is hand applied the Edelweiss on the right sleeve, the collar tabs are machine sewn to the collar.

A ribbon for the Iron Cross 2nd class is hand sewn to the second buttonhole.

The shoulder bords show the correct green piping indicating the mountain troops; on the left breast pocket there are 6 loops for 2 combat awards and one ribbon bar or clasp.

A real worn infantry combat uniform in every aspect.

A nice piece of history.