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This is an attractive and Cupal based so called "Reichsnährstand"- (RNSt.) related day-badge, as was clearly issued to commemorate a RNSt. gathering, i.e. Farmers' show entitled: "Reichnährstands-Austellung - München - 1937" and that comes in an overall very nice (albeit issued, moderately worn) condition. The detailed badge, which is executed in high-quality, silver-greyish-toned metal (Cupal), shows very nice detail and was almost certainly never cleaned nor polished. The piece depicts a (surrealistic) corn-flower, sword and swastika-sign surrounded by the above-mentioned text. The badge, which shows a clearly present makers' designation that reads: "Deschler u. Sohn, Munchen 9" impressed on its back - comes naturally mounted on its (functional) pin-/catch set-up.

Simply a nice, and most certainly not that often encountered "Reichsnährstand" related tinnie.

Include certificate of authenticity (15 €)