First class award, rendered for bearing eight or more children. A second pattern, two piece, die stamped tombak award with a fire gilted finish and blue and white enamel work. The award is in the form of a Christian cross in blue enamel with a white enamel border, both outlined in gold. Between each arm of the cross are five-ray projections in gold. The central circular field has a white enamel base upon which is a black static swastika, outlined in gold, and encompassed by a gold surround with the embossed Latin script "Der Deutschen Mutter" (The German Mother). The reverse has the stamped simulated handwritten script "16 Dezember 1938" and a facsimile of Hitler’s signature.

It comes with its original ribbed rayon blue and white striped ribbon.

Award is housed in a 11cm x 5cm x 2cm, case, finished in simulated dark blue leather with an impression of the cross in to top cover. Interior with white satin lining to top and white velvet lining with retaining arm with cut-out recess to hold the award in place, to bottom. Satin lining has black printed manufacturers name, "Franz Scheurle Schwäb. Gmünd", a scarce maker.

The set in extremely nice condition.

Include certificate of authenticity (15 €)