Very nice "Nationalsozialistische Frauenschaft Mitgliedsabzeichen" – or "National Socialist Women’s League" member badge.

This Frauenschaft Badge (measurements: 3 x 3,5 cm circa) features a black and white enameled surface with the longest part of the triangle shape pointing downward.

Across the upper portion is the abbreviated name of the organization, "Nat. Soz. Frauenschaft". There is a white cross running through a black enamel center. In the center of the white cross is a red immobile enamel swastika. On either side of the swastika respectively are the initials "G" and "H". At the bottom is the letter "G". The letters on the pin, GHL, stand for the organization’s motto "Glaube, Hoffnung, Liebe" (Faith, Hope, Love).

The reverse of the badge has a small, soldered, orizontal, pin and catch assembly with a circular base plate all intact and is well marked with the embossed writing "Ges. Gesch.".

A nice example.

Include certificate of authenticity (15 €)