This is the re-created tapestry that we offer; it will have fringed edges. Here is a marvelous opportunity to own such an important and esquisite artifact.

Fantastic repro of the tapestry that hung in the office, in the Arolsen Castle, of a royal prince of a royal German house. Prince Josias (of Waldeck and Pyrmont) was one of the earliest members of the SS, and one of the first of the royal lines to join the ranks of the Schutzstaffel. The Erbprinz ("hereditary prince") had an extraordinary and varied career and enjoyed an especially close relationship with Heinrich Himmler.

The tapestry we offer is huge and measures 110 x 90 cm.

All is machine woven and partially hand made. By using this type of weaving there is almost a 3D effect. The colors, the quality of artwork is absolutely excellent.

A unique repro.