Amazing lot, belonged to a German Cross in Gold winner, Walther Klinger, that possibly survived the war.

This soldier was born on April 4, 1919 in Stuttgart and got the German Cross as batallion commander in a Jagerregiment.

The lot includes:

- RJA Proficiency booklet, Leistungsbuch RJA "Durchs Leben". Booklet is dated 25.04.1936. It contains a very nice passphoto of Walther in civil cloths and is complete with all pages present and nicely filled out.

- 2 school books, complete with all pages and nicely filled out.

- A newspaper cut dedicated to Walther achievements in war as batallion commander in a Jegerregiment.

- His cloth German Cross in Gold.

This is a very important lot, untouched, with a great history.