Here a rare officer overseas cap for Panzer Recon troops.

The overseas cap is a very nice quality, M38 pattern, private purchase.

Black wool construction cap features fold down side and back panels with scalloped slopes to the forward side panels. The forward, scalloped, side panels are both piped in bright, interwoven, silver/aluminum braiding which is machine stitched in place. The front center of the cap has a machine embroidered national flatwire eagle on a dark green rayon base fabric. The eagle is hand stitched to the cap.

The front center of the fold down panels has a hand embroidered, national tri-color cockade. The cockade is handstitched to the cap. The cockade is flanked by a yellow rayon waffenfarbe soutache in an inverted "V" pattern. The soutache is applied in the proper manner being machine stitched in place and inserted through small puncture holes at the seam near the bottom edge of the cap; it is also inserted inthe main body of the cap. The interior of the cap is fully lined in a grey cotton/rayon, with ventilation grommets. Size marking "55" is well visible.

A very rare, untouched original Officer Panzer Recon overseas cap.

Include certificate of authenticity (15 €)