Early war Luftwaffe blue/grey, wool/rayon blend construction visor cap with a very subtle, whipcord weave features a black, horizontally ribbed, interwoven, mohair centerband, and bright, interwoven silver/aluminum piping to the crown edge and both the top and bottom edges of the centerband.

The front center of the cap has a hand embroidered, second pattern, Luftwaffe eagle in silver/aluminum wire threads. The eagle is neatly handstitched to the cap. The front center of the centerband has a hand embroidered, winged, oak-leaf wreath in silver/aluminum wire threads, encompassing a hand embroidered national tri-color cockade. The winged wreath and cockade are mounted on a cut-out black wool base which is also handstitched in place.

The cap has an interwoven, twisted, silver/aluminum, braid, chin cord which is secured to the cap by two, small, silver washed, pebbled, alloy buttons. Black lacquered, cardboard visor has stitched on, simulated leather edging. The interior of the cap is fully lined in golden yellow rayon and the celluloid diamond Marked "EREL" is still perfectly sewn to the lining.

The interior of the cap has a leather sweatband with ventilation perforations to the front forehead section. The sweatband is also marked for "EREL".

Excellent example in extremely nice condition.